I confess that I am heartbroken and stunned, that I’m fighting a migraine brought on by hot tears

I confess I found it hard to stay positive for my inconsolable child

I confess simple gladness at the sound of the dog’s toenails clicking on the floor as he made his way downstairs to find me

I confess I fell for the alchemy of Facebook’s algorithms, that I believed the bubble of like-minded people was bigger than it was

I confess Pantsuit Nation is so hard to read today

I confess short-changing the whole of America, forgetting that feelings are real to the person feeling them 

I confess the sin of judging others as ignorant, stupid, or of little account, or worst, not deserving the love of God

I confess relief that we are getting out of town and away from the internet for a few days 

I confess fear of those coming into power

I confess fear for those on the margins

I confess my weakness to respond in any effective way

I confess my pride which has indeed gone beforeth a fall

I confess despair 

I confess less than a mustard-seed of faith

I confess my failings

Kyrie eleison

Christe eleison

Kyrie eleison 

6 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Precious sister in Christ, I am with you! My wife put the words of the creed of the United Church of Canada on our message board this morning: “We are not alone. We live in God’s world. We believe in God who has created and is creating.” I am so sad for my Methodist heritage today. I had dreamed of us celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage with an heir of that righteous cause in the White House. It is deep Good Friday in my soul. But there will be a resurrection. Let us do even as your blog reminds us in this painful hour: hold fast to what is good! We are not alone. God’s grace will see us through.

  2. Thank you for putting that into words, in the midst of your migraine. Plenty to digest in the days ahead. Grateful for my weeklong meditation retreat. Seriously. Get away and hug your loved ones. Barb

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