Magdalene, Matron Saint of Women Who Are Not Believed

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Why do you not believe me?


Some day,
at the end of all things,
the truth will out.
And on that day,
all those naysayers,
all those liars.
all those disbelievers
will have their come-uppance.
Until that day,
hold on to the knowledge
that you know the truth,
and that truth will set you free.

About Magdalene’s creation:

I was working on Magdalene (yes, Mary Magdalene, but I already had a Mary) at the time when women were coming forward with stories of harassment and abuse and were being discredited in all sorts of ways.  I thought about Mary Magdalene reaching the empty tomb and sharing the good news of the resurrection – only to have no one believe her.  This Magdalene will have none of it.  She radiates the power of the truth.

In medieval art, Mary Magdalene is often portrayed as have very long hair or being completely covered with hair, so this Magdalene’s hair is a nod to that.  Dan Brown in the DaVinci Code made Mary Magdalene and her descendants redheads, so I threw that in too.