In 2016 I began making collage and mosaics.  In addition to the matron saints, here are my pieces.

“Flower of Accomplishment” was my first, made out of my old to-do lists.  Paper on painted Tyvek, 20×20


These companion pieces, Hearts of Love and Sorrow I, II, and III were made from the sympathy cards received after my father’s death.  Complete in spring 2018.  Paper on wood, 24×24


After I finished the twelve Matron Saints, I had another biblical woman to portray: the woman of Revelation 12, clothed with the sun.  You might notice nods to Klimt and van Gogh.  Paper and copper leaf on wood, 22×28.


My latest was inspired by a photograph of my mother with my older brother from 1960.  Having spent time in Europe this summer, in many churches and museums, I offer my updated madonna and child in “Our Lady of Seattle.” Paper on wood, 24×30



“Better Angels”

Paper on foam core, each panel 40×60

“Against a Wide Sky”

Paper on wood, 24″x24″

Based on a favorite photograph of my husband and daughter taken at Yellowstone National Park in 2009


Paper on foamcore, 30×30

img_7135-1Known and Claimed: Unnamed Women of the Bible. #1: The Woman Who Remembered All the Things to Bring Before Getting on a Boat for Forty Days in the Rain with a Bunch of Animals

Paper on wood, 24×30

Paper on paper
This was my attempt at a pointellist collage.  As it nearly drove me crazy, it is my last such attempt.



img_8482One Scene Three Ways
Paper on wood
An experiment – the smallest is about 1 3/4 square.  Fun but a little too exacting.


img_8511The Queen Who Dumbfounded a Wise King
Paper and gold leaf on wood


img_8937Afternoon in Amsterdam
Paper on wood

Known and Claimed #3: The Five Sisters Who Inherited Their Father’s Land (Numbers 26)

Paper and gold leaf on wood

The Woman Who Danced Joy (Miriam)

Paper on wood


Afternoon Tea in the Garden of Eden
paper and copper leaf on wood

Big Creek Dreams

Paper and metal leaf on wood, 3×4

Angel of Unbearable Losses, 2020

16×20, paper and copper leaf on wood

Love and Giants, 2020

16×20, Paper, felt, metal leaf on wood

Experiments in color and light

Varying sizes, paper and metal leaf on wood