Rahab, Matron Saint of the Incredibly Brave

To face enemies in life, be it the enemy who is in power, or the enemy who is disease, takes great courage.  See the book of Joshua, chapter 2.

st rahab

As if you did not already have enough shame in your life;
As if you did not already live in fear,
Then this. The enemy comes.
And you do not back away,
You do not run away,
You do not freeze.
You act. You do something.
Not only something,
but something strong and wonderful and thrilling.
Your courage inspires the world.

About Rahab’s creation:

I have long loved this story of the brave women, restricted in her culture and a prostitute, who risked everything to help the spies of the enemy.  I find her both desperate and unbelievably brave.  As I worked on Rahab, I kept in mind the many people I know being treated for cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, losing their hair, and facing their disease with so much courage.  So this Rahab has no hair, and the red threads across her front remind of the red cord the biblical Rahab let dangle from the window, a sign that the coast was clear.  My hope for all my friends facing this disease is that after their courageous treatment, the coast will be clear for them and their cancer eradicated.  The window is both a nod to the story and and acknowledgement of the hospital window patients stare out of.