Ruth, Matron Saint of the Constant

Where you go, I will go.


I see you, my friend –
I see your pain and grief.
I see your worry and fear.
I have also seen your love,
and your commitment,
your wisdom,
and your strength.
I choose to be with you,
to be a part of your life,
to be a part of your journey.
Come, let us be on our way –
Our way.

About Ruth’s creation:

I have always loved the story of Ruth, and especially the first part, when she makes a hard choice in the midst of grief, and chooses her mother-in-law, of all people. Not only that, Ruth chooses to worship a God different from her own. It is a model for friendship and family I aspire to live up to.

The map in the background is of modern-day Jordan and Israel/Palestine. Under Ruth’s heart is the cit of Bethlehem, where the heart of her story takes place. She holds the hand of someone not in the picture, because it could be anyone. Her dress is reminiscent of golden wheat, because it was on the threshing floor that she met her future husband.