Tamar, Matron Saint of Victims and Survivors

See 2 Samuel 13:1-20

I am so sorry that you have been hurt
and that you have suffered.
I am so sorry that you were the victim of another’s rage and power.
Healing comes
in many guises.
It may look like tears.
It may look like truth.
It may look like justice.
It may look like help.
It may look like rest.
May you find healing.

About Tamar’s creation:

The story of Tamar, the daughter of King David, is a pretty awful one, but history is littered with the stories of terrible things done to women.  They are victims and survivors of violence, lust, and power.  My Tamar is more youthful in appearance, as was the biblical Tamar.  She is wearing teal because that is the color of ribbon for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Her pose is protective, and her eyes are wide in anxiety.  The background of torn white pieces was chosen for two reason: women who are sexually assaulted have their life torn into pieces, and often their stories are whitewashed, discounted, or dismissed.  Would that we lived in a world where no woman or child was assaulted.  Until that day I hope we choose to stand beside our sisters, to listen to their stories, to help relieve them of shame, and to fight for justice, strong laws, and appropriate consequences for their perpetrators.