Jael, Matron Saint of the Mansplained

Tired of being talked down to, taken for stupid, and treated as a second-class citizen, you remind us of the power of women.  See the Book of Judges, chapter 4.

st jael

If one more man says to me
in a meeting, at a meal, on the street
“Well, actually…”
I swear I will pull out my nail clippers
or my knitting needles
or my fountain pen
or safety pin
and I will tell him, at the point of pain,
That I need no explanation.
Are we clear?

About Jael’s creation:

A lesser-known but fabulous character in the Hebrew scriptures, Jael takes a tent spike to the head of the general of the enemy’s army.  Many women I know feel like doing the same thing when they are talked down to, discredited, robbed of merit, or treated like lesser creatures.  The men alongside Jael are all those who would belittle her.  She is steadfast, regal in purple and gold.