Eve, Matron Saint of Those Who Persisted

She had no mother, no aunties, no girlfriends. She fell from grace, and one of her sons killed her other son. Still, she persisted.  See Genesis 2-4.


St. Eve

How can we redeem you, first mother?
You were so alone, even in Paradise.
You have endured blame for ages.
And you were strong,
strong enough to endure
and shame
and homelessness
and fear
and grief.
Strong enough to still love.

About Eve’s creation:

Frankly, I’m tired of Eve getting blamed for everything.  What a lonely and sad life she must have had, punctuated now and then with bliss and joy and beauty.  As archeologists know that human life began in Africa, so this Eve looks African.  Her top is made of leaves, a nod to the biblical story when she and Adam eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, are ashamed that they are naked, and clothe themselves in fig leaves.  She carries an apple, a fruit that also needs to be redeemed.  The circles in the background represent the chaos of her life.  But she is strong.