How Much Va Va in the Voom?

hubba-bubbaThere’s this saying among people losing weight:  “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”  I would like to go on record as stating that I do not believe this is true.

Pringles taste awfully good.  So does chocolate, in any form, but especially melted.  So does a good pizza, or hamburger, or frites when they are very salty and greasy and crisp.  You can add your list of things that taste better than being thin feels.

But truth be told, I’m not really sure what being thin feels like, although I do know what it feels like to lose weight and have people tell you that you look great and then gain weight and have people say nothing.  That feels good and bad, but not as good as  m&m’s.  It’s been a LONG time since I could be called “thin” in any way.  But I have lost a lot of weight in my life time, and I have gained all of it back again.  I’m in a losing phase right now, and I must admit that I feel better.  Exercise is easier.  My back and hips don’t hurt as much.  I have better energy and stamina.  But I crave, crave, crave salty crunchy things.

It’s a mental game, this losing weight thing, so I set bench marks:  10% of my weight lost.  15% of my weight lost.  Down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Down to what I weighed when I started college.  Moving my BMI from obese to overweight.  20% of my weight lost.  50 inches lost.  Pants size in the single digits.

None of that feels as good as half a bag of tortilla chips.

But it is a mental game, so I try a lot of different motivational tactics.  The ones struck-through I have disregarded.

God wants me to be a healthy temple for the Spirit.    People will respect me more if I’m not fat.

I am tired of feeling gross.   I want to be around for my daughter and possible grandchildren.

I need to set a good example for my congregation.

It will only get worse.

So this time around, the motivation is totally for myself.  I want to feel better, and I want to be healthy enough to live a good long while so I can be a great mom to my adult daughter and maybe a great grandmother to her children.  But how far do I go with this diet?  How much weight do I lose?  What’s enough?

For me, today, at age 48.5, this is enough: a BMI in the overweight category.  A size 12 pants.  A total weight loss (this time) of 67 pounds.  That’s my goal, and I’m halfway there.   That will keep enough va-va in the voom, because a few curves look good on me, and a few curves make me feel like me.

And maybe, with 67 fewer pounds on me, and a few curves to make me feel like me, the occasional serving of Pringles will be just fine.

But the chocolate croissant is another matter.choc croissant

5 thoughts on “How Much Va Va in the Voom?

  1. I have, taped to my monitor, the saying “Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”

  2. For me it took a trip to emergency, a “zipper” in my chest, a stent years later which all remind me that those chips did more than provide tasty gifts for my tongue…they did other subtle things to other parts of my body. So I can pass up the chips and some of the other wonderful temptations because I still want to see my grandkids graduate from colleges…the same kinds of motivations you have with your offspring… and really there are some great foods to either discover or re-discover that bring energies and real encouragements when hitting the scales and looking in the mirror. After all svelte is a pretty nice dimension,too. Carry on good lady.

  3. Beth–First of all: good job on getting halfway to your weight loss goal! I remember how great it felt when I was in Weight Watchers and saw the pounds depart and a healthier, trimmer me emerge. It DOES feel great! I also remember (and still deal with) the cravings. For me, an old fashioned chocolate ice cream soda is feels sooooo good! Not to mention those wonderful baked goodies in the case at Costello’s Caffe that I see every day when I order my daily latte. Now there’s a habit I can’t give up! Most days, I know the latte alone will satisfy me. Occasionally, I give in to the temptation of a pumpkin-cranberry muffin. I think the key is not what FEELS good, but what SATISFIES. It’s a metaphor that carries over into so many area of life. You have many prayers and good wishes surrounding you as you work toward your goals.

  4. I have never seen you not looking beautiful, whatever your weight! But it is nice to have more energy and to give your knees and back a little help. Love your blog. I can see that you are having fun! I have marked it as a favorite and I look forward to reading more.


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