With so many words out there, I do occasionally ask myself: Why blog?  That answer varies from day today, but in general I think I blog because I want to connect – connect with parishioners, with friends, with strangers who for whatever reason have found their way to this site.  And I love that reading this blog is optional – if you don’t like, you don’t ever have to visit again.

About the liturgy: as the pastor of a congregation, each week (or nearly each week – I’m not the only pastor at our church) I prepare the bulletin (program) for Sunday morning worship.  Some weeks the liturgy just flows out of me, and some weeks I am looking in every single book, web site, and scrap of paper I can find trying to locate a decent prayer or litany.  So here are some I have written.  I thought they might be helpful to other worship bulletin preparers, but if you find them of use for your devotional life, mazel tov!


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    My name is Lindy and my husband and I are hoping to co-pastor as of next year, when we have finished training. We are in New Zealand. We would totally love to have a chat with you and your husband about co-pastoring! Could you please let me know if you are interested?

    Thanks heaps in advance,
    Lindy Jacomb 🙂

  2. Your liturgy is absolutely beautiful. I just happened upon your site somehow, and now I’ve used some of your prayers of confession the last few weeks. You write as I speak, and so I resonate not only with what you write, but how your write it. I am weak sauce when it comes to writing liturgy, so I really appreciate those who write it well and are willing to share it with those of us who have gifts in other areas! Thank you!!

  3. Loved your blog post about sermons and what’s the point. I think the long haul of listening to sermons does make a difference in a persons spiritual formation but over time and oh so subtle. Also, in my first call (1500 members) as an Associate, once in awhile I would try a 3 point sermon (so painful for a off the charts N) and you wouldn’t believe all the new faces that would come up to me after the service. My regulars would be strangely missing. It’s such a funky business!!

  4. Beth, what amazing liturgy you have written! I just now stumbled upon your site when I was googling prayers of confession for violence (yesterday’s 355th mass shooting in the US in San Bernadino had me feeling that this is a very ripe time to address the issue) You sound like you are truly a kindred spirit. I was born November 23rd, 1963, the day after the death of JFK and CS Lewis–a time that I would call between baby boomers and Gen X. I am a UM pastor of a small church in central NC and mentor of Duke Divinity School interns (some Presbyterian!). I grew up in a UM parsonage and my wife grew up Presbyterian. Many blessings on you for a warm and beautiful Advent and Christmas.

  5. Thank you Beth for posting your liturgy for us to use. It’s beautiful. I will be quoting one of your prayers, if I may, on my hospital Radio Programme ‘New Day Dawning’ on Radio Tyneside 7-8 a.m for Lent 3 on Sunday 28th February 2016. If your church could use any of my own material, i.e. music, drama, art on http://www.sheilahamil.co.uk please help yourself.
    The link for Radio Tyneside is http://www.radiotyneside.co.uk/d14/
    Every blessing

  6. Beth,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing with the world. I am preaching for the first time in over a year (we moved last year and I am not currently serving a church). I have been looking online for some liturgy helps as I prepare for Sunday morning and I stumbled on to your site. You are a wonderful writer! Thanks for sharing your words with us.

  7. Hello Beth, you are so gifted in writing just the most perfect and beautiful calls to worship. I just had to ask you for permission to use in our worship services. I haven’t looked at all of your website, but, it will be one of my top worship resources from now on! Cheryl

  8. Hello, I am contacting you to request permission to use the call to confession and pardon from one of your liturgies. It begins with “O Holy God, we know we have fallen short” – I am not certain how else to identify it.

    • Hi, Lin – thanks for asking, By all means, use this or any liturgy. It would be great if you could note somewhere that it’s written by me and available on holdfasttowhatisgood.com.
      Have a blessed day!


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